Things to do and tourist attractions in Čadca and surroundings

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Stone balls Megoňky
Other attractions
In the local part of Čadca - Milošová, there is a unique place hiding natural treasures, which are not easily found anywhere else in the world. These are sandstone format...
4.1 km
Kysuce gallery in Oščadnica
Other attractions
A beautiful historical mansion in Oščadnica, surrounded by a large forest park, is now the seat of the Kysuce Gallery, which was founded in 1981 on the initiative of the ...
5.3 km
Happy Horse - Stable in Raková
Horses, riding
The picturesque Kysuce village of Raková offers pleasant leisure time that can be spent with horses in the Happy Horse Stable on the meadow behind the AVC plant. For all...
7.5 km
Birth house of Jozef Kroner
Other attractions
The house where the significant Slovak actor Jozef Kroner was born was built in 1914 and served as a guard house for the railway line. In 2011, the village of Staškov rec...
9.6 km
Adventure golf
Other attractions
A fun game for both younger and older, located right in the sports and leisure centre Rodinka (Family) Resort. Adventure golf is an imitation of regular golf without a te...
14.3 km
Horse riding in Nesluša
Horses, riding
Learning to ride a horse should be a combination of pleasure and effort. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the natural life and the surroundings, while the ride also provide...
14.8 km
Slovak Astronomical Clock
Other attractions
You may have already seen the Prague Astronomical Clock. Well, did you see the Slovak one? Come to see it in the village Stará Bystrica, where the first astronomical cloc...
Stará Bystrica
15.5 km
Oil spring in Korňa
Other attractions
The Kysuce region is special for European geological unique feature. It is the oil spring in Korňa, which is a spontaneous surface oil spill with occasional outbursts of ...
18.4 km
Animal farm at Ranch near Žilina
Other attractions
The ranch is located 5 km from Žilina near the main road towards town of Čadca in close proximity to Kysuce Gate. It is directly under the forest and has its own pond. I...
26.5 km
Escape room Jánošík's story
Other attractions
Escape room, in a time limit of 60 - 90 minutes, brings you a unique experience that you will not soon forget. This Terchova's one is unique in its story about Juraj Jáno...
27.3 km
Stainless steel statue of Jánošík
Other attractions
Where else would you look for a magnificent statue of the most famous Slovak brigand, if not on his native heath, in Terchova? Every tourist who goes through this place m...
27.6 km
Gallo Escape Games
Other attractions
We invite you to our center of escape games in Žilina. Escape game is a fun, logic game that has its own story and whose goal is to solve various tasks within a time lim...
29.2 km
Fairytale forest
Other attractions
The picturesque village of Nezbudská Lúčka lies on the edge of the Malá Fatra mountain range and is known among tourists by a cable ferry, which leads to it from the vill...
Nezbudská Lúčka
30.2 km
Funny Park Rope Centre
Other attractions
Stretch your muscles. Let the kids climb to their heart's content. Make perfect photos for your family album. Laugh. Have a delicious cake and coffee. Make the ordinary d...
Oravská Lesná
31.8 km
Symbolic cemetery in Vrátna
Other attractions
The mountains are not only beautiful but also treacherous. Visitors to Vrátna can pay homage to those who loved the mountains above all but they became fatal to them at t...
35.2 km
Horses, riding
Do you love nature and animals? Do you want to relax and have fun? Visit the true Slovak farm SAVAJA in beautiful paradise nature. It is an ideal place to spend your free...
Rajecké Teplice
35.6 km
North Orava Cutting Horses
Horses, riding
Cutting ranch located in the north of Slovakia in beautiful Orava nature. Above all, the ranch is dedicated to breeding, training and competitive horse demonstration. Th...
36.8 km
Riding Club Čita
Horses, riding
Riding in Turčianske Kľačany - this is a perfect experience for a lifetime. Thanks to the beautiful nature scenery, you will feel like a true western rider. Riding Club ...
Turčianske Kľačany
39.8 km
Children's Amusement Park - Pizza Pub OREA
Other attractions
In area of Pizza Pub OREA, we have opened the biggest children's amusement park in the Martin region. It is aimed at children between 1.5 and 14 years of age. In the par...
40.3 km
SKI park Kubínska hoľa - Summer
Other attractions
While in winter the slopes of Kubínská hole burst at the seams, in summer the hills of Oravská Magura are known mainly to experienced hikers and cyclists. But Kubínska li...
Dolný Kubín
40.5 km
Ranch Stará Teheleň
Horses, riding
Do you want to view the nature of Turiec from the back of a horse, take a riding course and learn to ride or ride a horse in the area, or make the children happy? All thi...
40.6 km
Oravakafe Coffee Museum
Other attractions
The Oravakafe exposition in a cozy house tells the story of coffee beans from their beginning to the delicious end. It is unpretentious from the outside, but sophisticate...
41.5 km
Sučianska Rock
Other attractions
The monumental rock, which rises above the village of Sučany near Martin, is popular especially among climbers, but it also has something to offer to travellers or touri...
42.2 km
Golf park near Rajec
Other attractions
The quiet and beautiful environment of Rajec Valley has become a prerequisite for the construction of the large Golf Park Rajec, located only about 5 km from the town of ...
42.8 km
Gallery of Turiec - County House
Other attractions
The architecturally magnificent and historically rich seat of the Gallery of Turiec (Turčianska galéria) is the so-called County House. Most likely, the County House was ...
43.1 km
English park and Révay mansion
Other attractions

On the edge of a large English park in Turčianská Štiavnička, there is a Renaissance mansion built in the second half of the 16th century. The idyllic setting is perfect ...

Turčianska Štiavnička
43.8 km
MG ART Gallery
Other attractions
If you are a creative soul, or just looking for a place where you wouldn't have to deal with the ordinariness of days, go to the gallery in Považská Bystrica. MG ART Gall...
Považská Bystrica
44.4 km
Colonnade Bridge of Dolný Kubín
Other attractions
Although the town of Dolný Kubín is influenced by modern times, there can be still found streets and places full of history. A whiff of past times will bring you the Colo...
Dolný Kubín
44.7 km
Historical cemetery
Other attractions
The picturesque town of Orava region - Dolny Kubin - is full of several historical monuments and mysterious places that emit history. One of them is a historic cemetery, ...
Dolný Kubín
45.0 km
Orava Gallery
Other attractions
If you desire for artistic experience, magnificent works and intimate atmosphere, you can enjoy all this in the Orava Gallery in Dolný Kubín. The Orava Gallery is housed ...
Dolný Kubín