Another beautiful castle ruin from the Turiec region is the one that rises on a high limestone rock above the village of Kláštor pod Znievom. This charming ruin in the Turčianska Basin is one of the highest placed castles and therefore its visit requires a certain amount of fitness.

Znievsky castle was built after the Turkish invasions by the ruler Béla IV. The main task of the castle was to protect the entrance to Turiec on the old trade route from Ponitrie region. Znievsky Castle was the first seat of Turčianska County, but later moved to a larger, more accessible Sklabiňa Castle.

In 1618, Tököli's insurgents burned the castle and nobody has repaired it since. Only the remains of a square tower and lower foundations of the longitudinal residential building have been preserved from the former massive castle.

The ruin of Znievsky Castle is a popular tourist place thanks to its amazing views. You can reach the top on foot directly from the village. Via the green marked about 4 km long hiking trail,you should manage it in 1 hour 15 min.

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Peter Moose • May 2023
„It was built after the Mongol invasion not by the Turkish one!!! Just a few centuries difference!“

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