Žibrica Hill belongs to Tribeč mountain range. It is an excellent way to actively spend your free time if you are in Nitra and its surroundings. Žibrica Hill is characterized by its pyramid shape, whose limestone peak and adjacent slopes are forested.

At the same time, Žibrica is the center of the natural reservation of the same name. On the northern slopes, the forest stands slightly receding and exposes the rock formations, which offer views of the Jelenec and Tribeč groups.

The southeastern part of the peak consist of remains of the hillfort of Žibrica (Zubrica), where finds of Lusatian, Hallstatt, La Tène and Middle Ages cultures were found. Nice views of the surrounding area can be seen just below the summit, but in the meantime, you will move more or less through a dense forest without views.

There are several routes leading to Žibrica. Some are more or less difficult. If you choose to go from Nitra, the ascent to the top of Žibrica is part of the nature trail Zoborské vrchy. The shortest and fastest route leads from the village of Podhorany (part Mechcenice, about 3km), near Outlook on Hôrka. A slightly longer route leads from the villages of Štitáre and Žirany.

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