The shores of Zemplínska šírava are enriched by a total of 8 recreation centers, one of which is Medvedia hora (Bear Mountain). The resort is interesting because of its location alone, as it is located on the peninsula of volcanic origin.

The complex consists of a recreational area with an area of 3 hectares and a modified gravel beach and comfortable access to the waters of Zemplínska Šírava.

In addition to swimming or water games, you can rent water bikes and go for a romantic cruise to see the sunset.

For athletes, there is an area with tennis courts, volleyball courts and mini golf. Children will have fun on the playground with lots of attractions.

You can search for accommodation right in the resort area, either in the campsite or in the guest houses, or you can try to spend a few days in a cottage in a quiet wooded area.

The north side of the resort is finished with a three-star hotel - the Euro Pension Salaš with its beautiful outdoor terraces and a country hut typical for the Zemplín region. This is the place where you can enjoythe most delicious cooked and baked dishes you will not find anywhere far and near.

You may need some: accommodation Kaluža
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