In the enchanting environment of the Protected Landscape Area of Štiavnické vrchy, in the immediate vicinity of the village of Podhorie, lies the only mountain lake of this area - Žakýlske pleso (Žakýlske Mountain Lake). It is a smaller volcanic lake created already in the Tertiary era. Since 1986, it has been declared a natural monument.

In the past, Žakýlske pleso served the inhabitants of Žakýlský Castle, who used the water from the lake for their needs. Later, the dam was dug and the water powered a nearby mill. Locals have their own name for the lake - Sea Eye.

Today, the Žakýlske Lake is home to cyanobacteria and water flowers in high nutrient waters, as the lake does not have a sufficient inflow. The rich flora can also be observed on its banks or in the surrounding forest.

Around the lake, there is also the educational trail of Žakýlske pleso, which is 7 km long and can be completed in 3.5 hours. On the trail, there are 9 information panels with points of interest not only about the local landscape, but also about the local culture and history of the village. It is a circular route that starts and ends in Podhorie.

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