The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Just outside of Bratislava, somewhere deep in the forests there, there is a hidden place that is full of history and ancient times of kings. It is a place that slowly marked by the ravages of time and the immense power of nature, yet it still attracts tourists eager for past times.

This place is exceptional thanks to the massive stone, which has been here since 1600. It is a so-called Písaný kameň (Written Stone) in the Little Carpathians. The locality thus combines a pleasant and relatively short walk, or a cycling trip enriched with the fragments of history.

The written stone is actually the remnant of the border stone - the northern boundary of royal Bratislava represented by its subject part Lamač and the Stupava-Pajštún manor. Emperor Rudolph II set the border himself.

Number 11 is carved on the stone, which represented its order in the line of boundary stones. The year 1600,** the coat of arms of the city of Bratislava** with the initials of the Bratislava burgher Matej Partinger, and the coat of arms of the Pálffy family with the initials of Pálffy's commissioner Juraj Drasa are noticeable too.

Since the Written Stone is hidden in a dense forest and is already mossy, it is not that easy to find. It is possible to get here by the marked hiking trails leading to the crossroads Za Kačínom. Then, just about 150 m north of this crossroads, you need to turn from the red mark to the unmarked forest path. The stone lies on the edge of a significant depression in which there is a fireplace and an improvised seating area.

The search will be greatly facilitated by using GPS in smartphone. From Lamač or Záhorská Bystrica, the route is approximately 3 km long and the site also includes cycling trails.

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