• Broskynova 32, Topoľčany

A small family business whose priority is to provide people with fun and contact with horses. They follow the phrase - quality over quantity, which is why you do not find crowds of impatient visitors and many horses here.

They manage with *three western horses *and each visitor is individually, patiently and carefully cared for.

Western Club is dedicated to horseback riding. Equestrian training takes place in three riding halls, which have an ideal surface, so it is possible to ride even after rain. Riders also have a changing room and a parking lot at disposal.

During the summer you will also be enchanted by the very popular night-time riding under the beautiful starry sky. In addition to the horses, you can also see other animals - dogs, goose, cats and chickens.

In addition, they are also dedicated to organizing free time activities for children, for example cross-country horse riding for several hours, and various other activities that they like to plan with their visitors according to their requirements.

Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, it is convenient to drive here by car and also by public transport.

Riding must be booked in advance as it only works on orders.

You may need some: accommodation Topoľčany
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