The region of Turiec is known for its many natural rarities and attractions. These include the beautiful Došná Waterfall, located in the Greater Fatra National Park, near the village of Belá - Dulice. The waterfall is relatively little known, so you will surely not meet crowds of tourists there.

The waterfall in Došná is surrounded by a beautiful forest environment and falls between the non-walkable rock cliffs from a height of about six meters. It consists of one of the side tributaries of the Belianský stream and is the most powerful during spring. The waterfall is multistage, which adds to its power and grace.

A well-marked hiking trail from Cottage of Havranovo leads to the waterfall. The cottage can be easily accessed from the village of Belá - Dulice. The route is unpretentious, easy to walk. From the village of Belá to the cottage you should manage the route in 3.5 hours. The transition from the cottage to the waterfall takes only about 25 minutes.

You may need some: accommodation Belá - Dulice
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Matej Valocký • Sep 2022
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