Vyšehrad is a pleasant hill in the main ridge of the Žiar mountain range, which is relatively little known among tourists. As a result, you can enjoy the ultimate silence here, and you don't have to worry about the crowd of tourists waiting for you at the top.

Vyšehrad Hill is characterized by its rocky walls falling steeply into the valley, as well as the top meadow. The climb to Vyšehrad is simple and suitable for families with children. A pleasant walk to Vyšehrad is rewarded by beautiful views from the very top. You'll have Greater Fatra, Tlstá Hill, Ostrá Hill, parts of Turiec and Ponitrie regions lie open.

However, Vyšehrad is not only an attractive tourist destination. It is also a place emblazoned with history. In the past, there was a fort, which represented a durable fortress. Later in the early Middle Ages, the fort was later rebuilt into a massive wooden castle, which was eventually destroyed by the Bratríci troops (later Hussite soldiers).

Vyšehrad is easily accessible. By car, it is possible to get almost to the top. You can start climbing along the red hiking trail from Vyšehrad Saddle (approx. 1.5 km). There is also a parking lot right next to the main road.

You may need some: accommodation district Turčianske Teplice
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