The time required is approx. .
The time required is approx. .

In a picturesque environment near the Ukrainian border, behind the "Eastern Gate of Vihorlat" grows forgotten wealth. In Podhorod and the surrounding villages there are more than 400 trees of old rare fruit varieties. Orchards in this area have long been negligible, now slowly revealing themselves from overgrown vegetation; sometimes even 100 year old apple trees.

Come and see this magical place! The most beautiful densely bloomed in spring, in full greenery during summer and later in autumn, hung with apples.

To take care of the order in the orchard, there are goats Irenka, Diana and Soňa, two sheep and also two beehives here. Do not feed goats or sheep pastries! They like corn and grain.

You will find the orchard directly behind the municipal office, on the hill just behind the amphitheater. Don't be afraid to enter. (the fence is electric, be careful! - don't forget to close it so animals won't run away)

You may need some: accommodation district Sobrance
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