Close to the Slovak-Czech border, there is a well-known and popular mountain range called Javorníky. Its highest peak is Veľký Javorník (Greater Javorník), which is ideal for hiking with family and friends. It will enchant you with picturesque nooks, beautiful nature as well as unpretentious ascent routes.

On the northeast slope of this hill lies the oldest nature reserve in Kysuce, the Veľký Javorník reserve. Rare forest communities of primeval character are the subject of protection of the reserve. In addition to hiking, lovers of mountain biking will enjoy it too.

The peak of Velký Javorník itself offers beautiful views of the surroundings. With good visibility, it is possible to see the Western Tatras. There is a spacious meadow where you can spread out, relax and recharge energy.

The Makov Kasárne resort is located directly below the peak of Velký Javorník. It is a tourist and ski resort, which is a year-round holiday destination offering its visitors winter and summer sports activities, relaxation in nature and unforgettable experiences.

There are several marked tourist routes leading to Veľký Javorník, both from the Slovak side of the mountains and from the Czech side. The starting points of the hikes to Veľký Javorník are the largest nearest villages, namely Papradno - Podjavorník (about 5 km) and Makov.

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