Veľký Choč (Greater Choč) is a majestic stone beauty, which bears the attribute of the highest peak of Chočské Hills. These are typical by the fact they do not create a ridge, but individual massifs, which are cut through deep canyon valleys.

Veľký Choč is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia. It is characterized by the occurrence of rare flora and valuable representation of rare animals. It is also known for its spectacular views from the top. Historically, Veľký Choč used to be an important landmark on the trade route connecting the Danube area with the Baltic region.

Nowadays Veľký Choč is a popular tourist locality. It is an ideal place for doing shorter and moderately demanding tours, as well as those long and more exposed.

It is possible to ascend it from the Liptov and Orava sides to Veľký Choč. The shortest and probably the most used route leads from Valaská Dubová via the blue-marked hiking trail (about 3.5 hours).

Crossing the ridge of this majestic beauty offers a 360° panoramic view of the massive mountains that dominate the world. Many of this view can be compared to views from a plane.

Choč Hills also have other peaks besides Veľký Choč, which also offer excellent tourism. They are mainly Zadný Choč (Back Choč), Predný Choč (Front Choč) and Malý Choč (Little Choč).

It is interesting to note that the Choč Hills have enchanted not only tourists but also filmmakers. Scenes from cult Czecho-Slovak films such as Želary or the Plavčík and Vratko were filmed in this wild mountain scenery.

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