• Kúpeľná 2033/1, Nesvady
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Thermal Nesvady is a spa and recreation center located in the picturesque village of Nesvady in the south of Slovakia. For visitors and all year round, it offers 4 pools with geothermal water - relaxation and adventure pool with massage jets, pearl and water spouts, sitting pool, recreational pool and cooling pool. All pools are located outdoors in the open air.

During the summer season, there is also a children's pool with water attractions - water hedgehog and bottom air pearl. There is also a children's playground nearby. During the summer, there is also a green sunbathing area, and of course there are also sun loungers around the pools.

The complex also includes a glazed pool terrace with free sun loungers. The thermal swimming pool offers visitors meals in the restaurant and during summer also in the buffet units.

For perfect relaxation, visitors can choose from a wide range of massages. In the vicinity of the swimming pool, there is also a guest house, which offers comfortable accommodation in studios and apartments.

You may need some: accommodation district Komárno
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Anonym • Jul 2022
„Prvý raz sme navštívili kúpalisko Nesvady. Krásne prostredie, čistá teplá voda, veľa atrakcií ,hlavne geotermálna voda má teplotu akú píšu. Radi sa vrátime a odporúčame všetkým. Mária“

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