• Promenádna 3221/20, Veľký Meder
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Truly beautiful, spacious and modern Thermal Corvinus complex offers a thermal swimming pool, recreational wellness, as well as the true adrenaline in the blood for many visitors. You will find it near the Hungarian border, in Veľký Meder. The complex is surrounded by a large and dense forest park.

Every visitor, whether an adult, a senior, a young or a child, will find something to have fun. The thermal swimming pool offers several indoor and outdoor pools.

The visitor has at his disposal 7 pools with year-round operation, in addition to them also 6 impressive outdoor pools, equipped with water massage jets, play elements, indoor and outdoor slides. You can treat yourself to a bubble bath in the wellness part of the indoor swimming pool complex. The temperature of the water in the pools varies between 26 - 38 degrees °C.

The center has a new sauna and vital world. In the sauna world, visitors are offered 4 types of saunas and a salt chamber. In the vital world section, there are many procedures to choose from: various types of massages, full-body HÉVÍZ mud wrap, biotherapy with Garra rufa fish, pedicure, manicure and cosmetics.

During the season, restaurants and buffets with a wide selection of dishes and drinks are available in the outdoor area. In the inner part, there is a self-service restaurant.

The visitors can enjoy a varied program in the form of various sports activities. You can practice aquaaerobics, you can also try out the equipment and quality of sports fields or tennis courts.

For the youngest kids, as well as larger children, there are modern and new children's playgrounds, an island of chits with plenty of attractions, so children can enjoy a great deal of endless fun and get a lot of experience from their stay.

You may need some: accommodation Veľký Meder
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