On a rocky hill rising above the village of Podhradík, there are ruins of Šebeš Castle, whichis known only to a few tourists. The castle was built in the 13th century as a wooden castle with an excellent strategic location in the Slanské Hills.

Later it was rebuilt into a stone castle characterized by a circular tower with thick walls as well as a residential palace with a defensive wall. At that time, the castle was given to the town of Košice, which was not liked by the Prešov citizens, who then burned it down in 1550.

Only the ruins of the Šebeš castle have been preserved, but the volunteers are trying to preserve them in the framework of the project "Restoration of castles". Nowadays, the castle gate is divided into a courtyard, an eastern tower and a western tower. The masonry and part of the original walls are visible. There are beautiful views from the castle ruins.

Šebeš Castle is easily accessible from the village Podhradík, from where you will navigate about 500 m long route and information boards. It is a pleasant and unpretentious walk suitable for families with children.

You may need some: accommodation district Prešov
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