The orienteering running area for the public

  • Pekná cesta, Horáreň, Rača, Bratislava

The orienteering running area for the public

The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Orienteering running is a modern outdoor sport in which a competitor must only use the map and compass to find the checkpoints drawn on the map, i. e. in the terrain. We have prepared for you a sample of several tracks with fixed checkpints in the vicinity.

Although the name is mentioning running, you do not necessarily have to run in the field, searching for checkpoints can be also enjoyed by seniors, nordic walking enthusiasts or a family with children. The route can be taken at any time, the easiest ones even on a bike or with a stroller. Tracks can also be used on school trips or military training.

How does orienteering running area look like?

The area is situated in the forest around the gamekeeper's lodge above Pekná cesta (Nice road) in Bratislava, with the majority of it located west of the lodge and a smaller part located west, on the track accessible to strollers and wheelchairs.

It consists of 2 tracks:

  • one track for children, for undemanding runners and for disabled, about 1 to 2 km long
  • one track, more demanding, 3-5 km for adults.

The tracks are marked with checkpoints in the form of approximately 20 wooden acacia stakes firmly embedded in the ground. The center with explanatory notes as well as the start and finish of both tracks will be in the vicinity of the information board.

The one who wants to try orienteering run in this area shall take a photo of the map on the information board on site or download it on the website.

You may need some: accommodation Bratislava - Rača
Tourist map (GPS 48.20683, 17.12111)
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