Part of the Slovak - Polish massif Červené vrchy (Red Mountains) on the northeastern edge of the Western Tatras is also Temniak Hill, which is sought-after among tourists. It lies directly in the main ridge between the peaks Kresanica and Polish Tomanová. Temniak Hill attracts mainly due to its good accessibility, but also with its characteristic rocky walls and cliffs.

Temniak is a nodal point of the main ridge of the Western Tatras, as well as an amazing viewing point. From its top, you can enjoy a view into the otherwise inaccessible to Tomanova Valley, where the footprints of dinosaurs were found.

The slopes of Temniak Hill, due to the fact that they are made of limestone, hide a number of cracks and caves, which are not accessible to tourists. An interesting feature of this hill is also that the grass on the slopes is colored in the red in the autumn.

On the top of Temniak, you can get off the hiking trail leading along the ridge of the massif of the Red Mountains. The starting point for hikes on the Slovak side can be the village of Podbanské. The route, however, is very long (about 15 km) but can be shortened if you take the cable car from the Polish side to Kasprov Hill, from where it is about 6 km. Slightly pleasant hiking trails lead from the Polish side from the Chuda Przełączka saddle.

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