• GPS: 48.97375, 19.59686

The Jasná recreation center in Demänovská Valley has excellent conditions for skiing and hiking. But did you know that besides that, it also hides a unique Tarzania rope park?

Tarzania Jasna is located a few meters from the parking lot under the hotel SKI. You can try it both in summer and winter.

The rope park is built of various rope obstacles that are suspended in height either on trees or on artificially constructed columns. It consists of three routes built with 34 platforms and 95 obstacles approximately 4 to 7 meters above the ground.

The blue trail is 281 meters long. Thus, it is shorter and less demanding, therefore it is also suitable for inexperienced climbers. The red trail measures 396 meters and is the longest one. For children, there is a 76-meter-long children's trail.

Climbing is absolutely safe as you are secured by mountaineering outfit when overcoming obstacles. Visitors to Tarzania are instructed and trained to use safety equipment before entering the park.

You may need some: accommodation Demänovská Dolina
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