• GPS: 49.02653, 19.56214
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Are you having a holiday in the beautiful surroundings of Liptov and are looking for an adrenaline experience combined with a lot of fun laughter? Then you should visit the summer mountain bobsleigh track in FUN PARK Žiarce.

Experience the adrenaline ride on the steepest bobsleigh track in Slovakia. The total length of the track is 1 km and contains 16 turns, several terrain unevenness and wooden ramps.

The attraction is safe and suitable for children from 7 years of age and the whole family. The maximum speed that can be achieved is limited to 45 km / h, but you control the speed yourself with the lever.

Bobsleigh is specially designed and run on an aluminum monorail track 1 m above ground. Capacity is 2 people for one bobsleigh with a maximum weight of 120 kg.

The summer bobsleigh track is open in good weather. You can enjoy the wind in your hair with the arrival of warm spring days, hot summer but also the beginning of autumn days. It is up to you which season you prefer.

You may need some: accommodation Pavčina Lehota
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