• GPS: 48.44653, 18.97682
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

The region of Banská Štiavnica boasts of a number of natural pools. These also include the Studenské Lakes, also known as the Kolpašské Lakes. They are situated in the village of Banský Studenec surrounded by the arms of nature of the region of Pohronie and Štiavnické Hills.

There are two lakes, which are actually reservoirs - the so-called tajchs. They were built for mining needs in the 18th century. Today, the smaller of them is mainly used for fishing. The larger lake is especially suitable for summer recreation.

The water in the lakes is regularly checked. It is crystal clear and the temperature is refreshing. Part of the shore of the Great Kolpašský is transformed into a beach intended especially for families with children, because there is a gradual entry into the water.

There are changing rooms on the shores of the Great Kolpaš Lake. However, fast food stalls are not available here. Nevertheless, the surroundings of Studenské lakes offer great opportunities for hiking. It is an ideal location especially for those seeking peace, silence and nature.

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Anonym • Jul 2021
„dovolím si pripojiť komentár - je tam pekný, vynovený bufet, čistý, /aj WC/, vonkajšie sedenie, príjemná obsluha. Jazero je upravené a aj pre malé deti - majú vyhradenú svoju čast, na hrádzi sú lavičky a všade koše na odpad -neviem, či som to všetko vystihla - je tam proste fajn“
Anonym • Feb 2021
„Nie je pravdou že občerstvenie chýba.... Hneď pod hrádzou je veľký bufet a peši snáď 400m je krčma s výbornými langošmi... “
Michal Tupý • Aug 2020
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Michal Tupý • Aug 2020
„Jazero krásne,voda čistá, okolie upravené ,ale žiadne služby , čo si nedonesiete to nemáte.“

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