Stratenec is a limestone hill in the main ridge of Krivánská Little Fatra. It separates Malý Kriváň and the Suchý Hill. The hill is covered with dwarf wood, which contrasts with white limestone rocks. The north-west slopes of Stratenec fall very steeply into the Kúr valley.

From the top, there is a wonderful view of the surrounding hills of Little Fatra as well as its deep valleys. A red-marked trail leads through Stratenec. On the northwest side of Stratenec, there is a rocky spur, which is already part of the Suchý National Nature Reserve. This spur is also made of limestone, including caves inaccessible to the public as well as a 35 m deep abyss.

Ascent to the hill of Stratenec is a pleasant tourism in the Little Fatra, which has its fans even during the winter. Assuming good weather as well as suitable mountain clothing, overcoming of Stratenec is relatively unpretentious. For active tourists, we recommend a multi-day pass through the ridge of Little Fatra.

You can get to Stratenec by several hiking trails. The starting point of the tour can be the village of Krasňany (approx. 9 km), Nezbudská Lúčka (approx. 10 km), Lipovec or Turčianske Kľačany.

You may need some: accommodation district Žilina
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