In the local part of Čadca - Milošová, there is a unique place hiding natural treasures, which are not easily found anywhere else in the world. These are sandstone formations - spheres that have a perfect shape and an admirable size ranging from 10 to 260 centimeters.

These stone balls are called "Megoňky", but according to the legend, they are dinosaur eggs or alien remains. However, it is assumed that they originated similarly to the surrounding rocks about 40 million years ago, but their origin has not been scientifically clarified. Megoňky were discovered in 1988 when rock was shot in a quarry.

In the past, there were up to 30 of them in a stretch of nearly 15 kilometers, but people usually took them home as a decoration, or smashed them in the hope of finding gold in them. Today, the situation is different and only empty stone deposits remained after many of them.

Stone balls Megoňky are unique worldwide and they attract many tourists every year. Surroundings are nicely arranged, there are wooden benches or information boards. The site is declared a natural monument.

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Anonym • Aug 2023
„Odpadnem :D Katka vravela relácia na chalupe zevraj ich majú ludia na zahradách samozrejme tie menšie :-))“
Anonym • May 2023
„Prešli sme s dieťaťom celý les, okolie a nič sme nenašli žiadne mega gule, akurát lom , žiadne tabule, ľudia nevedeli poradiť.Nafotene niečo krásne a realita sklamala...“

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