In the main ridge of the Volovské Hills, between the Holý Hill and the Lajoška chalet, there is a small Loreley rock. It is relatively little known among the tourists, but it offers very beautiful views, as well as peaceful and undisturbed hiking in its surrounding forests.

Its interesting name was given to this rock by a massive rock on the Rhein River near the town of Oberwesel, where, according to tradition, the fairy Loreley used to sit and sing, thus alluring boatmen whose ships then crashed on the cliffs. The German settlers, who lived here, named this rock as a reminiscent of their homeland.

From this smaller observation rock, you can enjoy views of the surroundings, the Bukovec water reservoir, the Opátčianska Valley or the Folkmarská Rock. The surrounding environment of the rock is mainly consisting of beech forest, which is full of forest fruits, as well as medicinal herbs and several protected plants.

There are several marked exit routes leading to the Loreley rock. Popular starting points are the villages of Zlatá Idka (about 4.5 km), Vyšný Klátov (about 6 km), Hýlov or Opátka, as well as the resorts of Jahodná and Kojšovská Hoľa.

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