Small village of Komjatná - part Studničná is a place where you will fall in love with every piece of nature. Huge rocky cliffs stick out of the wooded surroundings and one of them called Seven Churches is set off right in the centre of the settlement.

Seven churches have a very nice, though not far outlook. However, the whole atmosphere and landscape are fascinating. These admirable rock towers are also home to the characteristic limestone mountain flora, which is, for example, the dark purple Pulsatilla slavica.

Rocky limestone towers can be visited in any season. But apparently the most beautiful they will be during the spring, when everything blooms gorgeously into bright colours and the sweet scent of flowers spreads through the air.

At the same time, Studničná is a very nice starting point for hiking in the eastern part of Šípská Fatra. There is a red marked trail leading to the Radičiná Hill, where there is a turning to Kečka, a conical hill with a beautiful view of the Váh valley and the opposite Great Fatra.

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