Šášov Castle is built on a high cliff above the Hron River, on its left bank, in the northern part of the picturesque Štiavnica Mountains. It is unmistakable - it can be easily seen from the road from Žiar nad Hronom to Zvolen.

According to historical sources, it was built in 1253 by brothers of the archbishop of Esztergom - Peter and Vincent Vanchov. Together with Revište Castle, it protected the passage and the way to the mining area, especially to Banská Štiavnica. In the time of Gothic and Renaissance, it often changed its owners.

Šášov Castle was plundered by the Tököli uprising in 1677. Since then, the castle has become desolated and only ruins remained.

A walkway from under the castle rock across the forest leads to the castle, which is initially steeper, later somewhat lighter. The ascent is short, takes only 15 to 20 minutes and is also suitable for families with children. From the castle, there are beautiful views of the Hron River and the Šášovské Podhradie Valley.

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