The natural monument Šarkania diera (Dragon Hole) - one of the most famous caves in the vicinity of Žilina - lies in the territory of the National Nature Reserve of Súľovské Rocks near the village Súľov-Hradná, not far from the town of Bytča.

This wonderful phenomenon is the creation of nature and the power of leaking surface water. The cave is 58 meters long and about 20 meters high. This cave massif is dominated by a 10 m wide entrance. For tourists, it is freely accessible on the southwest slope of Roháč Hill.

It is interesting to note that in the cave, remains of an extinct cave bear and evidence of human settlement from the early Stone Age have been found. The legend says that a dangerous dragon lived in this cave for some time, and that is why the cave was named after it.

The Dragon Hole and its beautiful surroundings have its charm in every season, and each of them covers this place with its own veil of natural beauty.

The Dragon Hole is accessible to tourists by marked hiking trails, the ideal start is from Súľov - parking lot. The upward path is steep, but it is well secured by ladders, staples, but also metal handles or even tree root handles created by nature itself.

You may need some: accommodation Súľov - Hradná
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