• Martovce 101, Martovce

Only a short distance from Komárno lies the village of Martovce, which has partly retained its folk character. In the village, there is a beautiful traditional three-room farmhouse, which was built in 1871 by a technique of unloading from a mixture of clay and straw.

At present, the Peasant House is a protected objet with an exhibition of folk architecture and housing. The peasant house spatially consists of a room, an entrance-hall with a separate kitchen area and a chamber from which the rear room was later created.

To the living part of the house was later added the current chamber and the barn. Visitors can access the front room, kitchen with open chimney and rear room. All rooms are equipped with original painted furniture from the late 19th and beginning of the 20th century typical for Martovce and folk culture elements.

Visits and tours of the peasant house must be reported in advance by telephone. The Peasant House in Martovce is an extended exposition of the Danube Region Museum in Komárno.

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