Rakytov Hill is charming from near and far.It is one of the highest mountains of the Greater Fatra, from which you can enjoy wonderful views. The Rakytov massif itself is characterized by its regular pyramid shape.

The ascent to Rakytov Hill is not particularly demanding and children can make it too. On the top, there is a wooden cross. The grassy surroundings are supplemented by an artificially planted dwarf woods. Rakytov Hill provides beautiful views of the Little and Big Fatra, and partly also to the Low and Western Tatras.

Rakytov Hill is accessible by marked hiking trails from Liptovske Revúce along red route (approx. 8 km) or from Podsuchá along the blue tourist trail (approx. 11 km). The route leads through a wide variety of natural scenery. The terrain is easy to climb and easy to navigate.

You may need some: accommodation Ľubochňa
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