• Horná Lehota 027 41, Horná Lehota
The time required is approx. 1.5 hours.
The time required is approx. 1.5 hours.

Rafting - today's romance, once it meant hard calluses of our old fathers. For centuries, rafts have been mainly used to carry constructional timber and various other goods down the Orava River.

We offer a sightseeing cruise on a vintage raft down the Orava River, under the rocky boulder of the Orava Castle, which has been the proud dominant of Orava for almost 800 years. During our cruise, you will get unique views of Orava Castle so you can return to the past at least for a while.

The cruise from Horná Lehota to Oravský Podzámok takes about 1 hour. Drivers will be taken back to their car after the cruise.

You may need some: accommodation district Dolný Kubín
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Anonym • Aug 2021
„Dakujeme za perfektnu piatkovu plavbu👍,vsetkym mozem len odporucit,celu plavbu sme sa len smiali😂😂.To sme my od Puchova,Dakujeme👋“
Fero Tököly • Jul 2021
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Fero Tököly • Jul 2021
„Ďakujeme pltníkom Petrovi a Jakubovi za príjemnú plavbu so zaujímavým a úsmevným komentárom. Všetko bolo super :-) . Turisti zo Spiša“
Anonym • Jul 2021
„Pán plnik : ďakujeme vám za super splav. Aj vďaka vám sme si užili pekný deň. Prvý traja z plte🥰“
Melánia • Aug 2020
„Nedá sa spolahnúť na objednanie. Po ceste 1,5 hodiny sme z vyletu na pltiach zmenili plan na Oravsku Priehradu na čln. Cakanie najskor 15 min (jasne chapem) potom dalsiu hodinu a ked uz prisli na to čo robiť sme zistili ze este na zaciatku splavu caka 50 dalsich ludi okrem mojej rodiny a dalsich 15 ludi. A ze este tam si pockame cca jednu hodinu. A to som objednavala rano a s potvrdenim. “

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