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Živčáková Hill, as part of the Turzov Highlands, extends above the village of Korňa. From time immemorial, there was a picture of the Virgin Mary on a tree in the forest, where the passing locals were used to pray.

It is said that the forester Matúš Lašút had a vision of Our Lady of Lourdes in 1958 here. Since then, people have come here to pray individually, but also in larger groups. At the same time, they took the water from a nearby spring which is considered to bring healing effects.

The pilgrimage site of Živčáková is spread out on a forest clearing in an old spruce forest. Several paths from Turzovka, Korňa, Vysoká or Kelčov meet on this place to bring here all those who came here to seek, beg, or thank.

The center of the complex is the Chapel of Our Lady. The real rarity of the place is the Detva cross, which the inhabitants of this distinctive village donated to Živčáková.

Holy Masses are being served in the chapel during the year and pilgrimages are taken place at the Živčáková Hill in the spring and autumn.

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