The picturesque Orava village of Nižná is bordered by the Ostražica hill. It is a beautiful place not only for undemanding tourism, but also for getting to know our history. Indeed, the Ostražica is the place where history was written.

The hill of Ostražica was once the place where there was a prehistoric fortified settlement of Hallstatt culture, whose age is estimated to be around 2300 years old. In the early Bronze Age, small wooden shacks were built around the settlement and the Ostražica fort had its own guard.

Nowadays, only a small wall can be seen from these times. Archaeologists have found several ceramic vessels, iron spindle and weaving weights here. In addition to historical artifacts, however, you can also admire the magnificent views that you get from Ostražica.

At the very top of Ostražica, there is a double cross that is lit in the evening. There is also a small seating area where you can relax and also a telescope that allows you to look far away.

Ostražica Hill is a popular excursion and recreation place especially for the inhabitants of the surrounding towns. The starting point for trips to Ostražica can be the village of Nižná (approx. 1km) or settlement Zemianska Dedina (approx. 1km)

You may need some: accommodation Nižná (district Tvrdošín)
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