In the southeastern part of the Orava Highlands, there is a protected area of Ostrá and Tupá skala (Sharp and Dull Rock), which is an interesting landscape relief framing the villages of Leštiny, Vyšný Kubín and the town of Dolný Kubín.

The reason for the protection of this area is the distinctive rock formations with several smaller caves (eg the Cave in Ostrá skála) and archaeological finds from the Early Bronze Age.

What attracts you to the Ostrá and Tupá rocks is not only the impressive cliffs and steep rock walls, but also the remains of a fortified hillfort with a wooden settlement and a burial ground.

In addition, Tupá skala offers also a beautiful panoramic view of almost the entire lower Orava with the ridge of Little Fatra, Orava Magura, Roháče and Choč Hills.

At the top of the Tupá, there is also a majestic metal double cross that serves as a Memorial to the Slovak Cyril-Methodian Cross of Ecumenical Unity.

Access to Tupá Rock is possible along unmarked paths from the village of Vyšný Kubín. It is a relatively short and undemanding walk suitable for families with children.

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