With secrets emblazoned mountain range of Tribeč boasts of a bizarre rocky hill - Oselný vrch - in its northeastern part. The massive and steep rocky cliffs of this hill stretch close to the village of Veľké Uherce.

The cliffy peak of this hill is made of quartzite and offers a charming circular view of Upper Nitra region and the surrounding mountains. You will have almost exquisite view of the hills Žarnov, Buchlov, Rokoš, Kľak, but also of the ridge of Tribeč itself.

The ascent to Oselný Hill can also be completed with children. On the way, there is one stop with a sitting area and a fireplace where you can roast and relax in a beautiful natural environment.

The Oselný Hill is one of stops of the local educational trail. The trail is parallel to the circular green marked trail that begins in Veľké Uherce. The trail passes through Saddle below Oselný Hill. From there, it is only about 100 m to the very top. The turning off the marked route is well visible and therefore there is no way to get lost here. The whole circular trail has a total of about 14 km and a marked cycling trail leads around it.

You may need some: accommodation Veľké Uherce
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Tomáš Bezák • Jan 2023
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