If you are not exactly lover of long hikes, but you are attracted by the idea of a great view of the surroundings, without a challenging climb to a steep hill, this lookout tower at the foot of the Veľký Dudok hill is perfect for you. The wooden, 20-meter-high lookout tower offers you enchanting views of the surrounding countryside. The surrounding villages as well as the Tríbeč and Pohronský Inovec mountains will lie in the palm of your hand from a bird's eye view. On its top floor, you will find on each side a photograph of what you are seeing in front of you, with the exact marking.

An asphalt road through local vineyards leads to the lookout tower, so it can be reached by car. On nice days, however, we recommend going to it by bike or on foot. You can see it from afar, so you will definitely not get lost.

The lookout tower is freely accessible to visitors all year round.

You may need some: accommodation district Zlaté Moravce
Tourist map (GPS 48.2762, 18.37642)
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Iveta Kostkova • Sep 2023
„Informácia pre všetkých návštevníkov - veža je opäť prístupná verejnosti bez obmedzenia. Tešíme sa na vašu návštevu v území mikroregiónu "Požitavie - Širočina"“
Anonym • May 2021
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