• M. R. Štefánika 257/65, Trebišov

The charming Baroque - Classicist manor house in Trebišov, the former residence of the Andrássy family, houses now the Museum and the Cultural Center of Southern Zemplín. In 2015 - 2016, the manor house underwent extensive reconstruction and regained its former charm and pomposity. Its chambers combine the past with the present, art with tradition and culture with receptivity.

The main activity of the museum is collecting and making available documents on the development of the Trebišov district, specializing in the history of agriculture and Tokaj wine growing in eastern Slovakia. The collection of the museum contains many historically valuable objects.

The museum offers visitors several permanent expositions:

  • Exposition of aristocratic families
  • Steam plowing set
  • Exposition to hunting and game protection
  • Development of threshing
  • Agricultural machinery and mechanisms
  • Tokaj viticulture and winemaking
  • Archive of Tokaj wines
  • Exposition to traditional crafts of southern Zemplín
  • Exposition to folk clothing of the southern Zemplín
  • Exposition of folk woodcarving and sculpture of a dirt
  • Permanent exposition of Andrássy family in region of Trebišov

Part of the grounds of the mansion, in which the museum is located, is also a beautiful park full of exotic trees, which houses the neo-Gothic tomb of the Andrássy family. Tokaj wine tastings take place in the cellar of the mansion. There is also an Art Café where you can sit and combine a pleasant relaxation with a valuable artistic experience.

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