Excellent hiking, beautiful nature and panoramic views of the Kysuce region. You can experience all this if you go to Mikovčák's lookout tower on Kamenité Hill.

It is located on the hill of Kamenité between the villages of Turzovka and Dlhá nad Kysucou. Mikovčák's observation tower certainly does not belong among the highest ones, yet it offers beautiful views of the surrounding Kysuce landscape. In good weather, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Beskydy, Little Fatra and even Tatras from it.

Mikovčák's observation tower was named after its builder. It is made of traditional folk architecture materials - wood and stone. There is also a small shelter next to it, where you can relax, refresh yourself and gain new strength.

The lookout can be reached from almost any direction. It si so, as the location is a place where several hiking trails cross. The ideal starting point can be Dlhá nad Kysucou, from where a yellow trail leads (about 3 km long). The yellow mark from Turzovka leads here too. The route is not demanding and the climb from these places is gradual.

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