The massive Makyta Hill, dominating the western part of Javorníky, is one of the most beautiful peaks on the borders of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. If you are a tourist who likes peace and quiet, Makyta will enchant you and not only because of this.

Makyta Hill is full of fir-beech vegetation of primeval character. It has become a refuge for a number of rare and endangered predators or other species of birds. Deep and dark forests are also the territory of our wild beasts as lynx, wolves or wild cat. The peak is part of the first zone of the PLA Beskydy and the PLA Kysuce with the highest level of protection.

Makyta is also a well-known crossroads of hiking trails and also the fourth stop of the Javorníky - západ Educational Trail. Perspectives from the very top are limited. There used to be a lookout tower, unfortunately, it was destroyed.

On the top, there is a wooden tourist shelter where you can sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. There is also a top book, where you can enrol in.

Several marked hiking trails from the Slovak and Czech side lead to the top. The exit is quite demanding, with an elevation of more than 400 m. The starting point can be one of the villages of Lazy pod Makytou or Lysá pod Makytou, or the red marked trail from Papajské Saddle and Radošov Saddle. The cshortest wayis from the village of Tisové, where it is about 4 km to the top.

You may need some: accommodation Lazy pod Makytou
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