The low peak of Lysec in the village of Ľuboreč is an extinct volcano and is one of the more attractive localities of the Ostrůžky mountain range. In addition to the beautiful nature and the view of the scattered picturesque villages in the district of Lučenec, it also boasts of a piece of interesting history.

In the summit, there are interesting rock formations of volcanic origin. Due to partial afforestation, the view of the Ipeľ Basin up to Hungary is only possible from the slopes below the summit. However, the peak hides the remains of a prehistoric fort in the form of a circular wall, which bears evidence of the settlement of the people of Kyjatice culture from the Early Bronze Age.

Another interesting feature of the Lysec is the exploratory mining pit with a length of approximately 150 m located below the hill. In the winter months, bats dwell in this pit and interesting icicles grow from the ground. The entrance to the tunnel is close to the visible forest road, but the official hiking trail does not lead to it.

It is possible to get to Lysec by the blue tourist route from the town of Lučenec (approx. 11 km away). Other trails lead from the village of Ľuboreč (about 6 km), Pravica (part Imrov Kopec) (about 5 km), Senné (part Příboj), Lentvora or Praha. The route is one of the most difficult.

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