The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.


The unusual name, Zarúbaná Kýčera, is borne by a deforested hill outside the main ridge of Javorníky Mountain Range, located above the villages of Veľké Rovné and Dlhé Pole. A lookout tower of the same name was built here, making tourism more attractive in this area.

The observation tower has three floors at a height of 15 meters, which is climbed by ladders. In good weather, not only the ridge of Javorníky, but also Little Fatra, Strážovské Mountains, Súľovské Rocks, White Carpathians, Beskydy, Vršatec Rocks and Roháče, Babia hora or Pilsko can be seen in their full beauty.

Wooden shelters built alongside the road will greatly serve you for a little break and rest. There is also a fireplace where you can roast in the circle of friends or family.

Access to the observation tower is along the tourist trail from the local part of Veľké Rovné - Ivor through the village Dolinky. Alongside the road and pavement, you can find six information panels are built to familiarize you with the history of the village, architecture, geology, geomorphology, plants and animals.

You may need some: accommodation district Bytča
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Štefan Bukovan • Mar 2024
„Odkedy je uzatvorená? Boli sme na konci mája 2023 a žiaden zákaz tam nebol. Zub času sa síce kde tu podpísal, ale niektoré prvky boli už vymenené“
Anonym • Jul 2023
„zbytocne tam chodit, je uzavreta z dovodu havarijneho stavu“

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