The Kalník tourist tower is located above the village of Bela Dulice near the city of Martin. It is set in a quiet and beautiful natural environment with excellent location.

Turčianska tourist tower has a simple wooden construction. It was built in 2011 as part of the "Turiec Lookout Towers". It is 8 meters high and offers a wonderful view not only to the surrounding Turiec region, but also to the Little and Big Fatra.

There is also a small seating area under the tower where you can relax for a while. The surroundings offer great opportunities not only for hiking, but also for cycling, as the tower is located on the famous Cesta hrdinov SNP (Path of Heroes of Slovak National Uprising), where cycling races are also held.

Access to the observation tower is very simple and the journey is not difficult. The lookout tower stands near the asphalt road between the villages of Belá-Dulice and Turčianske Jaseno, and a marked cycle path leads around it.

You may need some: accommodation Belá - Dulice
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