The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Lake Izra is located in the valley of the Slanské Hills. It was created after the landslide, which dammed the stream. The surroundings of the lake are formed by forests and are visually very attractive. The name Izra, in the opinion of historians, is the Hungarian version of the Slavic word "jozra = lake". Thus, its name means simply "lake".

The lake offers a convenient spot for a day trip. There is a possibility of swimming or you can ride on boats. The location also offers snacks at the on-site restaurant.

The easiest access to the lake is from the village of Slanská Huta along the green trail from where it is about 3 km and there is also a marked cycling trail and an asphalt road on which you can arrive by car.

You may need some: accommodation district Košice okolie
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„Dobry den,dnes som tam bola na maly vylet,bohuzial musim povedat ze som sklamana.Potencial to samozrejme ma ale ako vsetko na slovensku,musite to hladat ako ihlu v kope sena.Takze za mna zly pristup,zle oznacenie, odpadky,chatrajuce budovy a to ani nehovorim o toaletach...takze peniaze nie mimovladkam a na ine hluposti ale podporujme nase prirodne krasy.“
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„Dá sa tam ešte kúpať momentalne? Lukas 30.7.2021 ďakujem za info “
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„Je pravda že je tam pekne len keby tam neboli ľudia lebo iba človek môže v lese a okolo nechať plastové fľaše a odpadky a tých je tan veľa preto tie fotky nie sú reálne “
Anonym • Apr 2020
„je to najlepšie miesto a bol som tam a je tam krasne“

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