The rumours of the beauty of Liptov extend beyond Slovakia. Its greatest jewel is Kvačianska Valley, which offers an ideal place for a pleasant walk in a picturesque, mountain environment.

The Kvačianska valley is also enriched by an educational trail that passes through the neighbouring Prosiecka Valley. A relaxing trip through the beautiful valley takes about 5 hours.

Hiking in the Kvačianska Valley is suitable for all tourist tips, as well as for children or retirees, as it is an easy route.

You will grave in mind the monumental rock formation called Jánošík's Head, narrow and deep gulleys, beautiful views of the valley or picturesque water mills Oblazy, which create a fabulous atmosphere.

You can get to Kvačianska Valley comfortably by car, which you leave in the parking lot. From here, you can take a slight climb to meet the beauty of the Kvačianska Valley.

The development of tourism in the Kvačianska Valley has certainly been supported by the first ever secured lookout point located at Malý Roháč. From there, you can see a large rock needle and the top part of the valley. You can find also other lookout (Kobyliny) in the valley.

Like other valleys in Slovakia, even in the Kvačianska Valley you will encounter several crossroads of paths leading to other natural phenomena. Most of them will stop you only for a few minutes, so it's definitely worthwhile to get out of the main path.

You may need some: accommodation Kvačany (district Liptovský Mikuláš)
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