The hill Krížna is a massive mountain peak and also the second highest peak of the Greater Fatra. It is one of the main tourist destinations in the mountains.

Krížna Hill is situated in the main ridge of the Greater Fatra, thanks to which it offers a beautiful circular view. In good weather, your eyes will surely see the peaks of Greater Fatra, Little Fatra, Choč Hills, Western and Low Tatras, Poľana, Vtáčnik, Žiarske and Kremnica Hills. In addition to the incredible view, the very top also offers silence, tranquility and a true mountain atmosphere.

This mountain is typical for its mountain meadows and in the northeast it is covered with continuous scrub pine. During the winter, the slopes of Krížná are extremely avalanche-like, and therefore the hill is called "avalanche mother".

Krížna Hill is accessible from all directions, the shortest route leads from the the village of Turecká, which is about 3 km far from Staré Hory (Old Mountains). At the top, there is a military building of a link service with transmitters. The Road of Heroes of the Slovak National Upriing is also passing through this site.

You may need some: accommodation Turecká
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