One of the traditional lookouts of the Greater Fatra is the Kráľova skala (King's Rock). This distinctive cliff is situated near the intersection of hiking trails in the location called Kráľova studňa (King's Well). It is a very interesting stop for many tourists who continue on the hike.

Kráľova skala can also mean an imaginary entrance gate to the Greater Fatra. The rock itself has a perfect view of nature and the surrounding Fatran Valley. Massive rocky cliffs are a refuge for several protected calcareous plants.

Around Kráľová Rock, there is a yellow marked hiking trail leading to the valley of Malá Studienka and further to Dedošová and Gaderská Valley. A fresh water springs under the rock, where you can refresh yourself. Slightly lower is also the Mountain Hotel Kráľova studňa or the chalet, which serves as a tourist shelter.

The fastest way to get to the King's Rock is from the village of Turecká (approx. 8 km) along the yellow trail to Malá Krížna and then along the green one below King's Rock. Another option is to go from Staré Hory via the blue trail through Majerová Rock, where you go to Krížna, where you will join the main trail and turn straight to the junction below the King's Rock.

You may need some: accommodation Turecká
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