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The Košice Castle is almost forgotten locality not only in awareness of Košice inhabitants. It almost does not appear in medieval written sources, and if appears, there are only indirect references to it. So the written sources tell us nothing about the castle, or they say just very little. And so we can mark the castle above Košice as a mysterious castle on Hradová hill. The castle is hiding not only secrets about the time of its origin, or its existence, but also about whether it was a castle at all or whether it was just an unsuccessful attempt to build a castle.

Nowadays, an information center and a small photo gallery of archaeological works have been set up by the remnants of the ruins of the Košice Castle, as well as a demonstration of medieval clothing and also workshops for the production of wooden products and a small blacksmith's forge.

Visitors to the Košice Castle are provided with year-round visitor service, volunteers bring life in the Middle Ages and in the castle closer and many cultural events take place here too. Near the castle, there is also a lookout tower to Košice.

There is a marked hiking trail leading to the castle and the castle is about 1 km away from the public stop *"Vyhliadková veža" (Sightseeing tower) *and the parking lot.

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Julia Julia • Jul 2023
„Zaparkovať dole na rázcestí, kde je dostatok miesta a potom peši hore. Veľmi príjemná prechádzka s možnosťou občerstvenia v kávovom stánku. Akurát wc sú dosť často zatvorené. “

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