If you ever travel in direction to Považská Bystrica, you have certainly noticed an impressive limestone cliff that rises above the Nosice dam. Maybe it is time to stop just admiring it from a distance and explore Klaps Hill at close range.

In the lower parts, the hill is densely forested. The peak parts are formed by massive rocks. They have unusual shapes. One of these rock formations resembles an eating woman. According to the local rumor, it is a gypsy woman that stole a pot of mash under the hill and a turned to stone for punishment.

However, the peak also offers a beautiful view, especially of the whole dam, the town of Považská Bystrica, as well as the Súľovské Rocks, Little Fatra and Strážovské Hills. The hill and adjacent areas have been a nature reserve since 1993, which has become the home of a diverse mosaic of plant and animal species.

The shortest marked trail to Klapy Hill leads from the village of Udica (about 2 km away). A yellow-marked trail leads from the village to the top. The trip is short, but quite steep. Another alternative may be a road leading from Považský Podhradie (about 4.5 km away) or Považská Bystrica (about 5.5 km away).

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