A trip to Kačín is especially enjoyed by bikers or "stroller maniacs" who don't mind pushing their stroller uphill. There is a nice playground with fireplaces waiting for you at Kačín and you will not regret this trip.

You should decide for this unpretentious, 11 km long walk especially during working days. During the weekend you might have a problem with lack of parking spaces or too many tourists.

You can park your car in Lamač near the Red Bridge and then continue along the forest paths or directly along the Youth Road to the mill and to Železná studnička (Iron Well), where you can stop for langos stuffed with goose meat. There, turn to the left and ascend the steep asphalt to Kačín. The journey there and back takes about 2.5 hours.

You may need some: accommodation Bratislava
Tourist map (GPS 48.21414, 17.06668)
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Anonym • Jul 2022
„Super mesto 100%. Výlet, opekačka, víkend.... Deti aj dospelí sa tešia “
Alex Štefuca • Jan 2022
„Prosim, opravte si bikerov. Ak su to ludia, maju byt bikeri. A mozno dajte rovno bajkeri. Dik“

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