The Jastrabská skala (The Hawk Rock) is proudly towering on the slope of the Kremnica Valley, between the gate to Kremnica Hills, Stará Kremnička and Bartošová Lehôtka. In this area, you will find truly beautiful natural corners.

The rock is named after the village of Jastrabá and boasts of its straight, almost perpendicular rocky cliffs. This interesting mountain massif was created by solidification of the lava flow. For this reason, it was declared a natural monument.

Extensive rock debris has been formed on the foothills of the Jastrabská skala due to the decay of the basalt. From the top of the rock, there is a beautiful view of the picturesque Kremnica Valley, Kremnica Hills and villages such as Jastrabá, Stará Kremnička, Bartošová Lehôtka, Dolná and Horná Ves and finally the town of Kremnica.

The hike is undemanding, steep passages occur only at some places, especially when walking through the deciduous forest. A marked hiking trail from the railway station in the village of Jastrabá (approx. 1.5 km) and also from the village of Bartošova Lehôtka (approx. 2 km) lead to the Jastrabská skala.

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