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Do you know which cave was the first to be made available to public in Slovakia? This primacy belongs to Jasov Cave. It is said that one of the Premonstratensian monks in Jasov once discovered it.

The cave is located on the western edge of the village of Jasov, in the easternmost tip of the Slovak Karst. It is known for its rich calcite sinter filling, remarkable rock formations, as well as the appearance of up to 19 bat species.

There are also many archaeological finds in the cave, such as the cave bear bones (Ursus spelaeus) and the cave hyena (Crocuta spelaea). On the top floor, in a dry alcove in the Hussite Hall, there is a well-known writing written in 1452 on the wall in Schwabach font.

The Jasov Cave reaches a length of 2811 m and a vertical range of 55 m. 550 meters are available for visitors and the tour lasts 45 minutes. The cave is part of the natural heritage of the Slovak Republic.

Since 1995, healing speleoclimatic stays designed for allergy sufferers and asthmatics have been performed in Jasov Cave.

The cave is located on the outskirts of the village and is easily accessible by public transport. The Jasov Rock Educational Trail also leads the site.

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