Jakubina Hill could be peacefully named for a guardian of the Western Tatras. It is a distinctive pyramid hill, which is the second highest peak of the Western Tatras after Bystrá, but it is certainly also popular with tourists.

The ascent to Jakubina Hill is accompanied by a passage through two charming valleys - Račkova and Jamnická valleys, decorated with beautiful mountain lakes. In order to reach the top of the hill, you have to do more effort, as it is a more challenging hike and a steep climb to the main ridge.

The very top is grassy and offers beautifully vast views over a wide area. There will be deep mountain valleys in front of your eyes, huge peaks of the surrounding hills, and perhaps you will also see chamois flocks. At the top, you can relax and enjoy some refreshments.

It is possible to climb Jakubina along the marked hiking trail from Račkova Valley (approx. 6 km away). In winter, the trails of this route are closed.

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